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If you weigh less than 120kg you are eligible for a tandem paragliding experience. Children should ideally weigh more than 20kg and they need parental consent.

Our tandem flight instructors have years of experience and we use only the latest and safest paragliding equipment. Pilots make decisions based on their own safety as well as yours. Paragliding is not risk free and you must sign liability waiver acknowledging that you are aware that paragliding does have risks and that you are prepared to take those risks at your own risk.

Safety precautions and equipment include helmets, harnesses with back protection, reserve parachutes, careful pre-flight checks and pre-launch observation by the TFI pilot.

A flight’s duration depends on the weather of the day.

Standard flights are up to 10 minutes

Adventure flights are up to 20 minutes

Take-offs require that you assist the pilot by staying on your feet while doing a little run.

Once in the air you can get into your seat when you are told to do so.  Your pilot will make sure you are seated comfortable once you are flying. Landings are generally very soft.

We book flights daily and the exact time of take-off and length of the flight is weather dependent. Don’t leave this experience to the last minute, rather book it early during your stay

Wear comfortable clothes.  It can be quite cool in the air so bring along a warm top and wear comfortable sport shoes.

We have GoPro cameras to document your experience. Pictures and videos can be requested. You can use your own camera as long as it’s attached to you.

We can accommodate larger groups. This means that you and your loved ones, friends or family can fly at the same time and share the experience.

We accept payment in cash and credit cards. 

We are the sole importers of SKY paragliders, harnesses and accessories

We also suppliers of Syride Varios

  • Have a look at our courses page ‘LINK’ for more detailed information on how to start paragliding with FlyTime.
  • Enrol in a SAHPA (South African Hanggliding and Paragliding Association) endorsed paragliding course with FlyTime Paragliding which is approximately 9 – 12 days weather dependent.
  • Our qualified instructors will take you through the steps to become a SAHPA basic licenced pilot.
  • We provide all the equipment (certified) and transport that you need during your paragliding course and it is included in your course fee.
  • We start on the Wilderness dunes with ground handling and ground skimming flights and progress to higher and more advanced flying sites under continuous instruction. Additional to practical flying, we do the theory required to complete your SAHPA basic licence.
  • We also offer an Introductory course of 2 days for you to establish if paragliding is for you.
  • We assist you with selecting & buying all the equipment to start paragliding once you have completed your course.
  • Please send us an email or WhatsApp +27 72 612 8168 and we will send detailed information and answer any questions that you might have.

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